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Before any event, each of our clients must sign a contract in which they assent to the terms and conditions of Caché Events, which can also be found below. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Therefore, it is highly advisable to revisit this page if you intend to use the services of our company, as some of the provisions included in this agreement might change in the meantime.

The parties referred to in our terms and conditions are as follows:

  • ‘the company’, ‘we’ – Caché Events, the supplier of services
  • our ‘services’ – the services provided by Caché Events, which include but are not limited to event management, event planning, event design, provision of marketing support, event hosting, and sponsorship
  • our ‘suppliers’ – the supply partners we collaborate with in order to provide the services above
  • ‘the client’, ‘you’ – the company, person, firm or organization requesting our services
  • ‘servants or agents’ – individuals acting as servants or agents for Caché Events
  • ‘the contract’ – the document describing the services you requested from Caché Events along with the terms and conditions below, which you are to sign before receiving these services as a form of agreement

1. Payment Terms

A deposit of 25% or 50% of total invoice value will be paid at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed, while the outstanding 75% or 50% shall be paid within 14 days of invoicing. For services requested within eight weeks of the event, the total fee will be due on confirmation of the booking.

2. Confirmation

Caché Events only accepts a booking upon receiving written confirmation from the client, which is to be followed by the signing of the contract. If the contract fails to be signed and returned as directed, we are free to offer the date in question to other clients.

3. Cancellation

If you cancel the booking for whatever reason, the initial deposit shall be forfeited. When a booking cancellation is made within two months or less before the event, the client will be liable to pay the entire value of the invoice.

4. Changing the Event Date

If the client requests the date of their event be changed up to 30 days prior to the event in question, they will have to pay a certain administration fee, depending on the services they opted for. Shall the date of the event be changed within 30 days before it was due, the client will be required to pay the full event fee once more.

5. Extras Invoices

The client must pay the invoice for extras within 14 days of the date it was issued.

6. Our Authority

By signing the contract, the client, as well as each of their guests, agrees to comply with any request made by or on behalf of Caché Events on all grounds of safety. Shall the client or any of their attendees behave in a way which could – in the opinion of our company or in the opinion of our servants or agents – disrupt the services we provide, they must leave the event upon request. We cannot be held liable howsoever in such circumstances.

7. Damage or Loss Liability

The client accepts liability to pay full price for any damage or loss of equipment provided by Caché Events. We, as well as our servants and agents, accept no responsibility in regard to any damage or loss concerning the client’s property unless it is the result of our company’s negligence.

8. Copyright

All images and video taken by or on behalf of our company for the client shall be retained by Caché Events. While the client is allowed to use these materials freely, ownership remains with Caché Events. We reserve the right to employ any images or video of your event for marketing purposes, which also includes exhibitions, websites, advertising, case studies, magazines, and competitions. Our company will not use any of these materials for other reasons than commercial unless given written permission by the client.

9. Supplier Payments

As Caché Events is unable to pay suppliers in advance on your behalf, we will inform you in regard to their terms and conditions, as well as to their payment schedule. The client is responsible with timely clearing funds to meet the payment schedules of our suppliers. We shall not be liable if you fail to make the necessary payments within the preset period of time and the supplier thereby withdraws their services. Similarly, Caché Events accepts no responsibility for any outstanding payments to suppliers on the client’s behalf.

10. Liability Limits

Our company shall not be held liable for the non-completion of your event, for any delays ensuing as a consequence of adverse weather conditions, strikes, lockouts or riots, or for any loss, damage or cancellation related to floods, fire or any other factor which is beyond our control.

11. Ending the Contract

The contract will end immediately and Caché Events will recover the respective costs if you break any of its terms or if you, as a company, become bankrupt, appoint a receiver, or enter into a voluntary agreement with a creditor.

12. Insurance

Caché Events has public liability insurance. We strongly advise you to take out separate insurance for the event you are going to host, as it will cover any potential damage or loss concerning the equipment provided by our company and by our suppliers.