For non-profit events, sponsorships are invaluable and represent a very effective way of connecting with the target audience. Whether you are organizing a fundraiser or a gala, investing in a sponsorship is always a good idea which will certainly pay off. However, traditional ideas such as branded products and badges, logos or banners have long become obsolete and will most likely fail to attract the sponsors you are looking for. Not only are these sponsorship suggestions outdated, but incorporating them into the event you are planning can actually be counterproductive, as such simple, over-used ideas may seem off-putting or dull to attendees.

The event planning industry has seen so many clever sponsorship ideas that coming up with something unique might appear impossible. We have compiled a list of eight innovative concepts you can suggest to the sponsor you are chasing for the next non-profit event, which will ultimately help you step up your game and ensure their brand is successfully promoted.

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1. Signature Drinks

Food and beverages are a staple element of any event, so why not use this to your advantage? A tasty signature cocktail whose name includes your client's brand and has the color of their company - served in branded glasses by waiters wearing branded apparel - is guaranteed to make your audience remember both the event and the sponsor. To make sure the drink will be memorable, you can try basing its name on wordplay.

2. Exclusive, Live Radio Broadcast

Radio stations can be great sponsors for non-profit events. Having a radio host come down to your event to broadcast live is a very effective way of promoting it, entailing plenty of notable benefits. A significant part of the target audience in your local area will be reached this way, while the attendees will be granted exclusivity. You can also have a radio co-host engaging the audience by interviewing them or playing quick, entertaining games.

3. Goody Bags with Unique Gifts

While offering free products to attendees is not a novel idea in itself, you can easily take it up a notch by having your sponsor include exciting, one of a kind items in the goody bags. Some ideas which are bound to surprise your guests are travel chargers for smartphones, alcoholic lollipops, adult coloring books, and headphones. Handing out a different gift to each attendee is a great idea as well, as this will make them feel valued and will undoubtedly etch the experience in their memory.

4. Table Centerpieces

As a visible element, a table centerpiece will inevitably draw the attention of attendees, which gives you another awesome opportunity of promoting your sponsor. By incorporating the sponsor's brand colors, products or motto into the arrangement, you will subtly determine guests to remember it, as well as spark their interest and curiosity into what it has to offer. Nevertheless, there are numerous other ways you can exploit this strategic element to the benefit of your sponsor's brand.

5. Photo Booths

Taking photos is inherent to any kind of event, from small, intimate birthday parties to spectacular galas. Another effective way of raising brand awareness and visibility for your sponsor is to provide attendees with photo booths or walls, as their name and company logo will appear in a great part of the pictures guests will be taking. Moreover, because sharing photos on social media platforms is extremely common, you may end up reaching a very large audience. Branded Instagram frames, backdrops, and props are some other excellent ideas in this respect.

6. Charging Stations

Considering the astounding popularity of social media platforms, most people will take at least one photo while at the event to share with their friends and will likely spend a considerable time on their phones. Therefore, it is to be expected that some attendees' smartphones will eventually run out of battery. Providing branded charging stations will not only be of tremendous help to your guests, but will also increase the visibility of your sponsor's brand. You can also have someone offer brochures or even product samples nearby so that attendees will focus on the sponsor while their phones are charging.

7. Staff Wearing Branded Apparel

In general, attendees tend to remember pleasant experiences with other people significantly more than the products, beverages, and decor they come across at an event. Having staff and representatives wear apparel with the company's logo while offering product samples to guests is a sure way of promoting your sponsor's brand by allowing attendees to form a human connection with it. This will also give them the chance to ask questions and find out more about various products they might be interested in.

8. Celebrity Ambassadors

A celebrity can help boost the success of your event substantially, provided you choose the right person. You should opt for someone whose fanbase is also your target audience. Depending on the type of event you are planning, a minor celebrity, a reality star, a well-known blogger or a famous YouTube vlogger can spread the word and attract the demographic you are trying to reach. They can promote the event on social media and even appear at it on the big day.

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