The impacts of a sporting event are various from social and cultural impact to political, environmental and economical impact.

These impacts are more important when we talk about the major and mega sports events.  Local sports events have also an important positive impact on a community. Many authors identify the sporting events potential to generate positive social effects.

We selected to present here briefly five important positive effects of a sporting event:

Impact on community life

Sporting events have a strong impact by uniting people. We are social beings, we like to spend time together, share the same experiences. Personal interactions create a unique atmosphere, a unique experience. There is a special togetherness that total strangers can achieve by simply rooting for the same team. Many times the fans of a sports team are very united, they consider themselves family, as a part of their favorite team.

Inspiring children and youth education

Healthy children and healthy youth mean healthy future. Sports events can be really inspirational for children and young adults to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Ask young children who their role models are, and many of them will name an athlete. Sports events can also awake the desire in children to adopt the healthy lifestyle of their favorite athletes. Children or adolescents who look up to athletes might be more likely to get out and play sports.

Promoting healthy lifestyle

There are a lot of studies about the danger of a sedentary life and obesity. Sports can improve or maintain physical ability and skills and can save us from many health problems. Sports events are important promoters of a dynamic and clean lifestyle. 

Sports and entertainment

One of the most positive things about sports events are the pure emotions we can experience. Participating together with other people from our community on a sporting event can create a unique atmosphere, a unique and unforgettable experience. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and co-workers in a fun, joyful and dynamic atmosphere.

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